Husband and A Wife

10 Tips To Catch A Cheating Wife 2018

10 Tips To Catch A Cheating Wife

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Husband and A Wife
Husband and A Wife

If you are a married guy, whether newly married or already into a matured marriage, you could possibly be the victim of having a ‘cheating wife’, cheating spouse or a cheating partner.

If you are the one, you must be googling for the tips or signs of cheating wife.

You are absolutely on the right platform as ‘LYF’ blog is here to put light on the subject which will surely dispense out darkness from your relationship.

Before diving deep into to find the cheating wife signs and the ways to catch a cheating wife, let me give you a quick insight into the General Social Survey (GSS) report which clears that men are more likely than women to cheat. It is said that men has got the licence to cheat by birth.

As per the survey, 20 per cent of men, and 13 per cent of women assert that they have had sex with their lover or someone other than their spouse while married.

This fact may blow up your mind as you are looking for subtle signs to know if your wife is cheating.

But that doesn’t give ‘clean character certificate’ to women as the trend may revert in future, and men may show up cleaner image.


What says about Infidelity

As the figure above indicates, this gender gap varies by age. Among ever-married adults ages 18 to 29, women are slightly more likely than men to be guilty of infidelity (11% vs. 10%).

But this gap quickly reverses among those ages 30 to 34 and grows wider in older age groups.

Infidelity for both men and women increases during the middle ages. Women in their 60s report the highest rate of infidelity (16%), but the share goes down sharply among women in their 70s and 80s.

By comparison, the infidelity rate among men in their 70s is the highest (26%), and it remains high among men ages 80 and older (24%).

Thus, the gender gap in cheating peaks among the oldest age group (ages 80+): a difference of 18 percentage points between men and women.

Trend data going back to the 1990s suggests that men have always been more likely than women to cheat.

Even so, older men were no more likely to cheat than their younger peers in the past.

In the 1990s, the infidelity rate peaked among men ages 50 to 59 (31%) and women ages 40 to 49 (18%). It was lower for both men and women at the older end of the age spectrum.

Between 2000 and 2009, the highest rate of infidelity shifted to men ages 60 to 69 (29%) and women ages 50 to 59 (17%). Meanwhile, the gender gap at ages 80+ increased from 5% to 12% in two decades.

Click on this link ( to dive deep into the study.


Your Queries, Our Answers

Now your mind may be revolving around various queries which you want to explore and ‘LYF’ blog is going to clear most of your doubts on cheating wife, cheating partner and cheating spouse.

I am sure you must have googled queries like these.-

  • Proven signs wife is cheating
  • Physical signs your wife is cheating
  • Signs of a cheating partner in relationship
  • Is my wife cheating on me
  • Signs wife is cheating with co worker
  • How to find out if  your spouse is cheating
  • How to know if your wife has cheated in the past
  • Unmistakable signs of a cheating wife that every man must know
  • Physical signs of a cheating wife that every man must know
  • Hidden ways to know if your partner is cheating
  • Body language signs to check if your wife is cheating
  • All signs your wife is cheating
  • Infidelity sign to tell you have got a cheating spouse
  • Warning signs your spouse could be cheating
  • How to find you my partner is using Whatsapp to cheat
  •  How to check if wife is cheating husband by using various apps
  • How to catch a cheating spouse using cell phone
  • How to catch cheating spouse texting
  • Amazing tips to catch a cheating spouse, partner or a wife
  • How to check if wife is cheating


Finally if you get to know that your wife is cheating on you, we will tell you what to do.

LYF blog is set to give you insights into the tips to catch the cheating wife, cheating partner and a cheating spouse.


10 tips to catch a cheating wife

Man and His Girl Friend hugging, Kissing
Man and His Girl Friend hugging, Kissing


TIP 1 -If Your Wife Set Password On Her Mobile Phone, She Wants To Hide Something From You

Have you ever bothered to check the mobile phone of your wife? Have you ever noticed that your wife has set up a password of her mobile and you are not aware about the password?

See setting password does not always make the wife culprit of having extra marital affair. It depends on the circumstances which forces wife to set up a password.

If your wife is working and she has to keep the communication of office or her company secret, she then have to keep the secret password so that any unknown person or even any of your family members especially children may not fiddle up with the office communication channel.

Still relationship experts believe there is nothing wrong in sharing password with husband, it gives fillip to trust between the couple.

But, but, but, if your wife is a house wife, and still she carries a password, here you may first ask your wife why she set up a password and if she gives any logical reason which satisfies your query, you should not doubt your wife that she is cheating you.

But if she does not give you any logic of setting up password, here you need to probe.

Remember don’t just jump to the conclusion that your wife is cheating you if she set up password on her mobile, stay calm and relax, and take action only if you get any evidence that your wife is cheating.

See these days technology has been helping both men and women to set up password not only for mobile phone but for each app and folder which you cannot access without the permission of the phone owner.

So you should also be updated about the technology.


TIP 2-Is She Visiting Places Without Informing You, Something Must Be Cooking Up, She Might Be Cheating You

If your wife has been regularly visiting secret places without informing you or she has been constantly changing plans, time is ripe when you should start inquiring.

Here too you need to demarcate the two aspects. If she is a house wife, her routine visit to some secret places without your or any family member knowledge, means something fishy is going on, and she may have been cheating you.

But, if she is a working woman and she has the compulsion to roam around the city, then you should not worry much.

If you still worry, then you need to maintain cordial relation with the co workers of your wife and these co workers will keep you updated about activities of your wife.

It is an established fact that husband starts doubting on her wife only when the latter does not keep him under the loop while visiting outside the home, meeting unknown people and hiding about her circle of friendship.


TIP 3-If She’s Behaving Awkward on Bed, Your Need to Verify If Your Wife Is Cheating You


Usually when a husband and a wife enjoy a cordial romantic relationship, mentally and physically, they must be loyal to each other.

When a husband and wife surrender to each other on the bed, they are sensually connected to each other.

But…when a woman starts hesitating to indulge in sexual pleasure or sexual engagement with her husband or remains clumsy on bed, she must be having some reason to do so.

First thing, wife must be having extra martial affair while the second thing could be any of her personal reason.

The chance of love affair of a wife is quite bright in the first thing while in the second thing, she could be avoiding sex due to many other reasons.

As you may be rude or torturer on bed, she is suspicious of your characters as you being a husband may also be cheating a wife and she is aware of it.

See, when you got married, and your wife has no affair, and you must be feeling the proximity of your sexual relation with your wife.

But as the time passes or years pass by in your marriage, and you start feeling that your wife is no longer interested in you for sex, here you need to become ‘James Bond 007’ to ferret out the truth.

I recommend don’t jump to the conclusion by giving wings to your suspicion that your wife is cheating you,  first try to probe and once you reach any logical conclusion, only then take any decision.

Don’t take any decision in haste as husband wife relationship is made in heaven, and sometimes circumstances may forces husband or a wife to indulge in extra marital affair, and you need to gauge those circumstances.

13 Warning Signs to Find Out If Husband Is Cheating


TIP 4-If Husband Is Cheating, Why Not A Wife, Did Your Ever Thought Of this


Women are not always wrong, sometimes they develop extra marital affair or they starts cheating husband as circumstances ask them to do so.

If you being a husband is cheating a wife, and your wife comes to know about your love affair, there are 80 per cent chances that she may also thing to replicate or imitate you and she may also starts extra marital affair to enjoy her own space in her life.

Do you have the licence to cheat, your wife may ask you.

Whenever you get suspicious that your wife is cheating you or gets the vibes of cheating wife signs, first clear the air beneath you and talk to your soul whether you are having any affair or you are secretly cheating your wife.

Here you need to make confession before your wife and say sorry to her, for whatever you did in the past, and ensure her that you will break your extra marital relationship and you only want to have affair with her.

I can say firmly if you are the one having extra marital affair and you confess before your wife, you will get your wife back as you are married again.

Just try to explore the love of your wife, you will never feel like having extra marital affair.


TIP 5-Understand These Five Kinds Of Affairs Your Wife May Be Having


There are said to be five kinds of affairs, these five kinds of affair may develop due to many reasons. First understand the kind of affair your wife is having, then try to sort it out and save your pious relationship with wife.

These five kinds of affairs are, Only Lust Affairs, Emotional Affair, Resentment & Revenge Affair, Body & Soul Affair and Imaginary Affairs.

‘Only Lust Affairs’ are those which are only for sex, sex, sex and nothing else.

There is no emotional attachment between the two, rather they may already be in a good relationship with their respective partners like husband wife but they indulge in this kind of affair to satisfy their hunger or desire for sex the way they want.  In short, it is more of ‘Sexual Infidelity’.

The ‘Emotional Affair’ is something which engages a woman to just release mental thoughts or any intimate talks with her lover.

There is no sexual activity but there can be a detailed sexual talk only. This kind of affair develop when woman get no time from her husband to share her sensual thoughts. Yes, this kind of affair attaches woman with her lover emotionally, that too deeply.

Resentment / Revenge affair’, as the name clears when a husband spares no time for her wife to discus marital life, or he is busy in his own extra marital affair, wife too garner courage to have one love affair just out of resentment from husband.

Sex will also be there and that too of high level which a woman may not b e having with her own husband.

‘Imaginary Affair’ creeps up in when a woman loves someone and wants to spend time with him. This is basically a one sided affair, a married woman may falls into most often.

‘Body and Soul Affair’ is the most disastrous one. A wife and a husband may imperil their martial life if they decide to run this kind of affair.

This affair has sexual attachment, mental and emotional attachment.

It has the power to wreck long settled marriages. You must be aware of the marriage of bollywood star Saif Ali Khan with Kareena Kapoor, who left his first wife Amrita Singh who was 13 year elder than him and gets married to Kareena who was quite younger to Saif.

The royal hunk Saif had once in an interview had also said, when asked why he divorced Amrita, he said, ‘It is always good to have hot and sexy wife’.


Watch This- Rethinking infidelity … a talk for anyone who has ever loved | Esther Perel  


TIP 6 – Catch The Cheating Wife with Smart Technology


It is said that, ‘Affairs in digital age are death by a thousand cuts’. Hey guys wake, up, we are not living in the stone age, it’s the 21st century. These days numerous services are available which can nail the cheating wife.

Services like Intercepting and Retrieving Instant Messages: Whatsapp Spy, Viber Spy, Facebook Spy, Skype Spy and Hangouts, GPS location Tracking, Calendar Monitoring, Remote email spying, Internet Usage Monitoring, Call Logs Retrieval and Incoming calls restriction.

The other digital spying techs are remotely accessing SMS, Key logging (the use of a computer program to record every keystroke made by a computer user, especially in order to gain fraudulent access to passwords and other confidential information) – Remote device, What you need to do is to approach the hackers and pay the price to trace out the infidelity of your wife.


TIP 7– Is She Praises Her Co-Worker or Any Friend More Frequently, She May Be In Love


If your wife is praising any of her co workers or any of her friends more frequently in front of you, or she has been calling the guy on the pretext of business connections, I believe you are the victim and your wife might be cheating you or your wife must be in love affair.

Now it is the level of your instincts or intelligence how you gauge the changing behavior or attitude of your wife.

If you are facing this situation, also observe if your wife is now started dressing well, and even if she is going to the grocery store or to the market, she prepares her hair style in good way which she was not doing in routine.

If your wife is a working woman and apart from having all these traits, if she also starts coming late t home than the past routine or she has been making lame excuses to go out or staying outside for later hours, you need to turn spy to save your relationship.

The Solution : Now under this circumstances to catch your wife, you need to establish a good rapport with the co workers of your wife, and it will help you to spy on her as and when required.


TIP 8– If Your Wife Is Spying on Your, She Has Probably Found His Partner To Hook Up With

Hey, have your ever noticed that your wife has been spying on you. She has been calling you again and again to inquire about your location or your expected arrival at home.

Did you ever pay heed, why she’s doing that? Wake up, its time to look deep into the matter. She might be doing that to get time to hook up with her lover.

Experts say, in 70 per cent of such cases, in which wives keep tab over the each and every footprint of her hubby, because she does not want to be caught by husband when she is having a fun time with her lover and yes, she might be cheating you.

However, in 30 per cent cases, such extra cautioned wives sometimes are pure but they have the suspicion that their husband might be running an extra marital affair.

A wise husband can easily judge if his wife falls in that 70 per cent category or in 30 per cent category.


TIP 9– If She Goes Missing Long Time, Phone Remains Off Too, Somebody Might Be Romancing with her

Did you ever pay heed that your wife remains missing from home for long, and even her mobile phone remains switched off.

Oh..! just stop and run your horse behind your wife and see where she is spending her most of the time these days.

See if your wife is working, this reason may not gauge if she is cheating, but if she is a house wife, then you need to probe.

When such trends are happening in your relationship, do revive your memory when you have had sex with your wife last itme, or its being long time you being intimate with your wife.

Whenever you seek sensual love from her, she always makes excuses that too the lame excuses like she is tired, she has to wake up early or she has to go somewhere or at kin’s place.

Another important thing, body language is the biggest sign. For instance, when she’s texting she will tilt her phone away from you.


TIP 10 -If A Woman Don’t Want To Be Pregnant, She Cares About Her Figure A Lot

If you are a newly married couple and you being a husband, ever urged your wife that you want to be dad, but your wife is not interested as she don’t want to destroy the shape of her figure.

Hey hubby, she might want to keep her body shape intact for her lover.

See, when a wife is hooking up with her somebody else than husband, she will always want to keep her body shape intact and sexy.

Her pregnancy means, she is bind to the bed for nine months and she has to visit the doctor every week.

Even after pregnancy, she could not regain the sexy body shape for long time. This may dishearten her lover, who want to see her sexy and lusty.



If A Wife Acknowledges Her Mistake, Remove Regret, Begin A New Beginning

husband wife not talking to each other

When we marry someone, we desire to live the rest of our wife with our partner. We do romance, we turn lustful or we care for each other. When someone comes to know about affair of his wife, and without creating any issue, she acknowledges her mistake or perfidies. It’s the right for you being a husband to remove the regret and start a new beginning.

After everyone has some past, and change has to begin from the present so that our past should not interfere in our future.


Stay Blessed Couple-Enjoy The Worthy Relationship Of Husband Wife

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  1. It galls me to see or experience a bad relationship which started off on a good note owing to the infidelity and disloyalty of a partner. i met this amazing man and we could talking and i could not but say yes, when he asked me out. we started going out and 7months into the relationship he started acting up and seemed like a stranger. i got worried and confused, i suspected he was seeing someone else because he never let me touch his phone. i needed to confront him so I contacted an expert to help me gain access to his social media and phone. The guys i contacted via crediblehacks [@ gmail [.] com or WhatsApp [801]923-3847 and did a clean job while assuring me i was going to get results, i did get some proof and i was able to confront him. He said he was sorry and did not want the relationship any more. it was a terrible face for me haven started off nicely.

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