17 Life Lessons From Buddha Teachings, A Must Read

17 Life Lessons From Buddha Teachings, A Must Read

Life lessons from Gautama Buddha teachings, a must for all

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Siddhartha Gautama Buddha requires no introduction. He was a spiritual leader who teaching led to the foundation of Buddhism. Life lessons from the Buddha’s teaching a must read for everyone.

The Buddha, which means enlightened one or awakened was born as a prince, of the Sakya clan, in a small kingdom just below the Himalayan foothills and was named Siddhartha. He lost his mother in the early age who said to have died seven days after his death and his father made huge effort to keep his son away from the sick and miserable world. Being a prince, he lived a luxurious life of huge comforts and a stupendous lifestyle.

When he took birth reportedly in 6th century BC, a Sage predicted that he would grow up as a great king or a great spiritual leader who would unify the world. However, his father wanted to see him as a great king.  His father kept him away from the grounded lives of people who was suffering from sickness, old age, diseases which was leading to deaths.

Once he went to the city tour, he saw people suffering from diseases, dying due to various problems, witnessed crippled and dead men.  All these new experiences opened up his mind and he decided to find the solution to theses sufferings.

Then he decided to search the way to liberation, to save all sentient beings from the cycle of birth and death. He went for the path of self discovery. He took his white horse and left the palatial palace without informing anyone.

He was reportedly 29 year old when he left his wife Yasodhara, and Son Rahula behind.

He reached forest where he practiced asceticism for more than five years.

He then sat beneath the Bodhi tree and attained enlightenment and the spiritual awareness. Buddha then showed the noble Eightfold Path given below

A monk walks beneath the trees shadow, read a lessor known facts about Buddha

Right Understanding

Right Thought

Right Speech

Right Action

Right Livelihood

Right Effort

Right Mindfulness

Right Concentration

At the age of 80, between a pair of sala trees, the Buddha entered Nirvana.

Nirvana is a transcendent state in which there is neither desire, nor sense of self, suffering, and the subject is released from the effects of karma, and the cycle of death and rebirth. It is actually called the final goal of Budhism.

I think the greatest life lesson Buddha taught us is that despite he born in a palace but he had left luxurious life and became monk, for what, for self discovery and for liberation and spiritual awareness.

Read These Life Lessons From Buddha Teachings, You May Also Feel Enlightened

Get yourself enlightened with the teachings of Gautama Buddha

“Happiness Is A Journey, Not A Destination”

If you are happy today don’t dare to think it is your destination and you have achieved it. Remember that happiness may not stay forever with you. Consider it a journey only then it (happiness) can come to you again and again. Even if you face any blues in your life in future, and your happiness turns into sadness, don’t feel sad, this sad period will also pass like a bumping road journey.

“Wear Your Ego Like A Loose Fitting Garment”

You might have seen many people who wear ego like a permanent body wear, Buddha said such people cannot attain the path of spirituality, humanity and inner happiness. But if you wear the ego like a loose fitting garment, then you must know to put it off when require to save any relationship or to help someone in need. This path will be full of blessings.

Buddha’s Son Turned Monk Had Died When Buddha Was Alive

“The Trouble Is, You Think You Have Time”

A human being has become so lethargic that he knowingly shows ignorance to the life path. He always feels that he has a lot of time in his life. Due to this approach human being is not benefitting from his life. He has been spending the precious time of his life into futile works but he is ignorant to the fact that life cycle runs very fast it does not stop for anyone. So always try to figure out where to spend time where not or what you can get by wasting time on a specific activity.

Just imagine the your date of birth, and see how the time is flying……

“If you light a lamp for Somebody, It Will Also Brighten Your Path”

A good teacher is that, who share all his worthy knowledge with his students. So is the principal of life, if you will show a good path to someone which can prove very fruitful for the person then you are doing a job of lighting a lamp for someone who is in the darkness and is searching for light. Always share your spiritual or any sort of fruitful knowledge with the person in darkness your purpose of life will be solved.

“If The Problem Can Be Solved Why Worry? If The Problem Cannot Be Solved, Worrying Will Do  No Good To You”

Sometimes we go into depression and escalate our worry level just because we are unable to solve our problem. Buddha says there is always a solution to every problem don’t just plunges into worry when you fail in your attempts. Many successful scientists had failed hundred times to complete their innovations had they fallen into depression they would not have been successful in their innovation. Yes if the problem is such a sort that cannot be solved, then worrying will not any good to you.

“Let me make this Buddha teaching more clear now”

Do you know scientist Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before he completely invented the light bulb. Yes, he was. After his invention, when he was asked how it feels to make 1000 failed attempts while inventing bulb, Thomas politely replied, “I did not fail for 1000 times, rather there were 1000 steps to invent the bulb which he went through”.

“Just As A Snake Sheds Its Skin, We Must Shed Our Past Over And Over Again”

If you will not shed your past and continue to live while taking the burden of your bad past you are spoiling your present which is precious and future, the quality of which depends on your present. It is possible that something dreadful happen to you in the past revolving around your brain or eyes, but your efforts will never go in vain if you really decide to live in present for fut

“Happiness Comes When Your Work And Words Are Of Benefit To Yourself And Others”

Have you ever felt bliss inside you when you help someone or make someone’s life beautiful by doing something fruitful. When a boss promotes an employee because he performs well, the employee who gets promotion is obviously the happiest person yet the boss who promotes the deserving one is also consider himself the happiest or self discovered person on earth.

“True love is born from Understanding”

Are you in search of true love..? Remember true love cannot be bought or snatched from somebody. It is the final product of understanding. If you want to develop a healthy relation with you wife, mother, father or any sibling, then you need to develop an understanding with that person. You might witnessed many persons losing relationship just because of misunderstanding, and yes its true.

Even an iota of misunderstanding between any of the relationships is enough to destroy a long lasting or an old bond.

“Every Human Being Is The Author Of His Own Health”

You won’t believe that if you get addicted to drugs, you will put the blame on the friend or any of the person with whom you shared the drugs. But its totally wrong. It is your will or desire that develop drug addiction in you and if you face any health woes in future it will be your fault my dear. Always try to be the author of your own life, don’t let any evils things to control you.

Lesser Known Facts About ‘Ramayana’ You Must Know

“To Conquer Oneself Is A Greater Task Than Conquering Others”

Suppose you are not attaining the percentage of marks which your classmate or college mates are getting. You cannot attain specific position by keeping in mind the records of other. But if you decide to break you own record, you will be successful and you will surpass everyone.

“It Is A Man’s Own Mind, Not His Enemy Or Foe, That Lures Him To Evil Ways”

Don’t ever try to blame others for dragging you in the evil world. No one has the power to do that. Your own mind can lure you to the evil world. If your mind decides not to attract to evil things, no power in the world can change your mind. Just understand the power of your mind, and you will be the happiness one.

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today Is What Matters The Most”

Always thank the almighty when you wake up in the morning for giving you another day to live on this beautiful world. When you go to sleep every night do spare a minute to think what good you did today. So always try to spend each minute of your life on meaningful things.

How many holy words you read, how many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them. Even if you read the Bible, the Bhagwad Gita, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib or any other religious book, everything will be futile if you are not acting upon the preaching of the same.

“Ardently Do Today What Must Be Done Who Knows Tomorrow Death Comes” 

God has given us a little life to live and time is passing by very fast. Don’t keep your important works in the queue, always try to finish it off in a stipulated time. Always remember “Future Is Uncertain, But Death Which Is Also A Part Of Future Is Not Uncertain rather is Certain”

“Replace jealousy with admiration”

Jealousy becomes the nature of human now. Instead of competing with others or feeling jealous of their achievements we should learn to admire their achievements. Once you do that your admiration will teach you a lot and it will open up doors of success for you. It is a proven fact that if you will not admire others and remain envious to them, you cannot obtain a peace of mind my friend.

“There Is No Path To Happiness But Happiness Is The Path”

Yes, if you start searching for happiness, there are 99.9 per cent chances that you will not find it. But if you perceive this notion that if you will stay happy, shun ego or respect humanity, these factors will find a path for you for sure.

“Last But Not The Least, A Must One”

Buddha was once asked by someone that what you have gained from the meditation. Buddha politely replied, “NOTHING” but he lost many things like depression, anger, insecurity, tension, fear of death and old age.

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