Attention Working Couple..! Is Your Child Suffering From ‘Solitary Isolation or loneliness’? Know Why

Attention Working Couple..! Is Your Child Suffering From ‘Solitary Isolation’? Know Why

Working couple child may face isolation like this


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Are you a working couple, do you live in a nuclear family set up, do you have a child, if your answer is yes, then it is quite probable and most likely that your child may be suffering from ‘Solitary Isolation’ or loneliness.

Do you want to know why..?. You may or may not know the answer of this question as you are much obsessed with your working culture which is not letting you think on the subject. If working couple will not start  spending valuable time with their children, they may soon face a huge dent in their parents-children relationship. This trend will certainly increase the loneliness level among the children.

Let me make you understand the deeper perspective of this interrogative sentence. We will dive deep into the subject to awake your sixth sense to know the symptoms of ‘solitary isolation’, and how a working couple can bring child out of this conundrum and a unhinge.

First Know What Is Solitary Isolation Is The Present Context

Though as per the specific definition of this term, it may be refer to a form of imprisonment in which an inmate is isolated from any human contact, with exception of members of prison, for several hours in a day. This sort of punishment is being given to criminals lodged in jails for committing heinous crimes.

However, in present context, solitary isolation could be termed as an isolation of child from parents for most of the day hours as his/her parents are working couple who remain out for the entire day to earn their livelihood and are not spending the valuable time with their children. It can also be termed as loneliness among the children of working couple.

It is learnt that children between two to twelve years of age are prone to this issue.

We must understand that, this solitary isolation of child from their parents may be turning the children mentally sick. It is surely causing upheaval or hullaballoo in the children’s mind and the day is not far, when your children will start giving less importance to you because their childhood has gone in isolation.

A normal couple, who are working 9 to 5 in a day, or sometime have work in odd hours at office, may not be able to gauge the symptoms if their child is suffering from this dilemma.

Time is ripe when working parents should rise to the occasion, and make efforts to keep their child away from this perturbing trend.

These Factors may Take Child Into Solitary Confinement

Working couple need to pay heed to their children from falling prey to isolation

  • When couples are living in nuclear family set up that sans joint family.
  • Husband-Wife doing a 9 am to 5pm(time may vary in your case) job, and child is left at home at the mercy of some extended family member or is being taken care of by a maid.
  • In this inflation time, when wife has to work because income of husband is not suffice to satisfy the financial needs of a family.
  • When a child is being forced to spend time at day care centre as his/her parents have job compulsion. Husband-wife working conditions not letting them to spend enough time with their child. Even if husband wife is working, they don’t have time to spend precious time with their child after working hours.

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If Your Child Is Showing These 6 below Traits, He Is Among The Victims

A lonely child of working couple dragging a teddy

  • Your child is asking for your time, but you are incommunicado to him.
  • Your child want to go for outing with you, but your working conditions are not allowing you to pay heed to your child’s desire.
  • When you continuously send your child for outing with some close relative or a extended family member, then you are losing mental connection with your child.
  • Buying him expensive gadgets to keep him busy and to divert his attention from you, is a temporary solution, afterall gadgets are emotionless but you being a parents are full of emotions.
  • If your child is turning stubborn and exhibits rise of irritation level, it is only because he/she has no one to share her/his heartfelt feelings.
    Once your child understood that he has to face loneliness due to his parents working culture, he will start distancing himself from you as resentment or a gut feeling.

Adopt these methods if you are a working couple to stay connected with your child emotionally in any respect

Father spending a valuable time with his child, a must for working couple

  • Even if you are a working couple, do spare time to drop your child at school, or pick him/her up from school. It will atleast make him feel secure and connected.
  • When did you last time took your child for outing ?, you are finding difficult to remember, right..! Don’t worry.. Do spare a time for outing in the parks, for shopping or at religious places.
  • Do stay connected with your child over phone when you are at your workplace just to make him feel that you are concerned for him/her.
  • Whenever you have spare time after returning from job, or business, do exhibit childish attitude or indulge in physical activity with him/her and behave like a child. This will surely make you a good companion of your child.
  • Most often take your child for buying candies, chocolate, or any eatables of his choice from the nearby store. Buying expensive things is not necessary even if you can afford because the purpose is to show your involvement with your child whatever the way it is and to show him the best companion in you.
  • Do take your child to meet your parents (paternal or maternal grand- parents) or any near and dear ones. This will inculcate the sense of relationship and its importance in your child and he will become receptive to the relationship things.
  • Everyday ask your child about the things or activities he did in his school. Do show greater interest in your child’s study and spare a time to help him in completing the syllabus.
  • Do tell him about your job or business and why it is important for you to pursue it.


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