Cartoons characters,  yet inspirational to make you a ‘Good Human’ 

Cartoons characters,  yet inspirational to make you a ‘Good Human’ 


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No doubt, you are aware about many cartoon characters or your children may be obsessed with the several cartoon shows, have you ever gone down the line to gauge the fact that these are not just cartoon characters, they are a real source of inspiration and motivation which can drive you and your children to become a ‘Good Human’.

Leave aside the entertainment you drive from watching cartoon shows, just make an inch of effort to dive deep into the characters, you are sure to get a worthy enlightenment to live a blissful life.

Tom and Jerry

Tom & Jerry, a friendship at par excellence


Its’ such a cartoon show which not only makes the children glue to the TV screens for hours but adults too are dire fan of the madness, entertainment, love, malice and bla bla bla…. Of the Tom aka Cat and Jerry aka Mouse.


If you will ponder over the characters, you will find a subtle meaning of their relationship. They are friends, they are enemy yet they are together.


Tom and Jerry are the ones who can’t withstand each other yet they can’t live without each others. Duo make every effort to be an adroit to each other, they always try to become smarter and intelligent, they are ones who are envious to each other not jealous, yet at the end, they leave behind a message of ‘cool friendship’.


If you will imbibe the values of these two characters in your life, you will find your life beautiful.


These are the 9 life lessons Tom and Jerry taught us


  • Though Tom is mightier than Jerry, yet Jerry teaches us how to remain firm to achieve what you have firmed to achieve.
  •  Size is just a number, tiny Jerry keeps colossal Tom on toes always. Remember never give up attitude brings fruitful results one day.
  •  Tom big in size but Jerry a little mouse actually teaches us that small can also make wonders. He does not surrender before Tom, rather find ways in every situation of life.
  • When wants to help each other, Tom and Jerry stands like a mountain in front of their problems. Mind it, united we stand, divided we fall.
  •  Though Tom and Jerry are blood thirsty of each others, yet feels secure to live in close proximity.  We fight more with the loved ones. Sharing is caring, remember.
  •  Tom, Jerry never repeat mistakes, and if we too adopt this funda in our life, we can break mountains with our toes.
  •  Want to defeat the opponent, be the opponent and then think and act.
  • Whenever Tom thinks that he traps Jerry, the little one always proved him wrong as he always comes out of the Tom’s web. This teaches us if our opponent thinks that he wins then our last move can always bring debacle for him.
  •  Tom and Jerry has unique qualities, yet they stay grounded, they are never boastful, and yes, this should be the life’s principle as well.



Chota Bheem, in India, for Indians


A 9 year old Bheem aka Little Bheem needs no introduction, he is known by his valour, intelligence, righteousness, and a helping nature. Character Bheem is inspired by the Pandava brother of the same name.  One of the prominent cartoon show for the Indian audience these days is Chota Bheem.Learn-Humanity-From-Cartoon-Chota-Bheem


The character of Bheem teaches us a lifelong lessons. This is such a show the audience of which is not only confirmed to children but adults too having addiction of it. It manages to keep hold over large chunk of audience because every story of it shows the real life. In nutshell we can correlate ourselves with the characters, places, being shown in the show.


If your are fan of little Bheem, did you drive these 10 inspirations yet


  • Yes he is mighty but his down to earth trait makes him our real life hero.
  •  If you are mightier or powerful, use your energy, force for positive purpose.
  • Eliminate negativity or the notion of being weaker from your mind, once done, nobody could put you down mentally or physically.
  • Bheem tells, than hard work, it’s a time of smart work. You might have seen how sometimes Bheem’s uses his mental strategic moves to thwart the enemies. So is the life now, it is not always necessary to run here and there physically to win over the situation or achieve results in the plans, rather your mental ability to strike at the right time could buy you an early win.
  • Let your child watch Chota Bheem’s but you should be informing the children regularly about the inspiration they could drive from this cartoon.
  • He believes in unity than fissure in friendship. Bheem is teaching such values to the children which children may not learnt from schools. What will happen to the personality of our children if they imbibe Bheem’s trait of keeping all friends together in any of the situation, of course it will bring a positive mindset among the children who will start believing in making bonds than breaking the same.
  • Don’t let the child believe that Bheem is just a cartoon rather make him/her believe that if they too imbibe Bheem’s qualities, they too can contribute in building a healthy and safe society.
  •  Bheem adjust himself in every situation of life due to which he always comes out winner, so should the principle of our life.
  • Positive use of energy always brings positive results, take a precedent of Kalia pehalwan, he despite a powerful being, often lose the game, why, because he utilize his energy by keeping the evil thoughts in his mind.
  • Respect for elders is the key to happiness. Bheem is also respectful to the elders, which the 21st century children are hardly.

Read the below artical as well to see the fair side of the animals which can guide you to become a good human.

‘Being Human’is not suffice,  it’s time to re-learn ‘Humanity’from animals




A super son everyone desires to have

Animated series cartoon show Shin Chan is a hero of children these days. They watch this show to act like this five year old boy. Though he is naughty, mischievous, puckish, and prankster, child has a loads of qualities which brings happiness for the family. He has witty answer to the every question his mom dad ask him, jokes he cracks is something a normal child of his age could not, and all these traits of Shin Chan makes him the super son.

These 5 qualities of this little bud you  would love to see in your childLearn-To-Be-Human-From-Cartoon-Shin-ChanLearn-To-Become-Human-From-Shin-Chan

  • No doubt he is irritating child, yet, loveable only because of his witty replies to the logical questions.
  •  If you really want to enjoy life, learn from Shin Chan who hardly take loads of life tensions, and even if some tension falls on him, he always find a solution.
  • His love and care for family and friend is what makes him the cool child. He  is emotional when he requires to be, he is a laughter Budha when he is heartfelt happy.
  • ‘Chalta hai Attitude’(lethargic approach) is not Shin Chan’s cup of tea, he is clear from his thoughts, he knows well when to say yes and when to say no. He don’t hide is weirdness.
  • Age is just a number for Shin Chan, he flirts with her sister, he sings like no one watching, he dance like no one is watching and for him, if anyone is watching, he gets an audience, what’s bad in that.


Cartoons-Characters -Yet-Inspirational-To-Make-You-A 'Good Human' Cartoons-Characters -Yet-Inspirational-To-Make-You-A 'Good Human' 

Mickey Mouse

If money is what inspires you, then he is your guy


Mickey mouse has been ruling the hearts of children since 1928. It was created by Walt Disney and Ub Lwerks.


These 4 traits of Mickey can bring positive changes in your life


Mickey’s second name could be success, because whatever he decided to achieve, he achieve the same.

People usually attracted to negative things, but Mickey often attracts to positive things. We will get ‘nothing’ out of negative things but we are sure to get ‘something’ out of the positive things.

Mickey’s clubhouse is an inspiration for kiddos as Mickey used to keep his club house as neat and clean as possible. Tell your kids if they are fan of Mickey, they should not resort to clutter in the house.

‘Its’ kind of fun to do the impossible’, is what suits Mickey, for him ‘All dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them”.





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