Unique, Unknown Facts About 11 Animals, A Must Read For Everyone

Unique, Unknown Facts About 11 Animals, A Must Read For Everyone


Kid Playing With Lion-Pix-Pixabay

LION’s roar can be listened up to eight kilometres

The lion needs 7 kg of meat while lioness needs 5 kg meat in a day

A young lion can run to the speed of 81 kilometres

Lions living in jungle sleep about 20 hours out of 24 hours in a day, isn’t surprising. 

Worlds heaviest Lion was 375 kg(826lb) while normally a lion weighs around 180 kg while lioness 130 kg. 

A lion can live up to 10 to 14 years in the jungle after which they are usually killed by other young lions while lions living in custody of someone can live up to 20 to 25 years. 

Compared to a human, a lion can see six times better than a human being during the night. 

In 1940, the population of lions on the earth was 4.5 lakhs which decreased to 32000 only now. 

Do you know what lions are also considered most lethargic as 90 per cent of the hunting is being done by a lioness? 

If lion and lioness mate in a day, they can have sex up to 20 to 40 times in a day. 

Compared to size or strength, lions stand second after the tiger in the cat family. 

Lion can jump up to 36 feet. 

There are around a dozen types of lions: Kalahari Lion,   Southwest African or Katanga Lion, Asiatic Lion, European Lion, and American Lion East African or Masai Lion White Lion, Cape Lion, Transvaal Lion, Northeast Congo Lion, West African Lion, Barbary Lion. Some lions like American Lion, Cape Lion, Barbary Lion, European Lion have gone extinct.


Adorable Horse-Pix-Pixabay LoveYouFamily.com
Adorable Horse-Pix-Pixabay

HORSE has the biggest eyes than any animals. 

The horse is the only creature which can run immediately after taking birth. 

The horse can sleep even while standing on the ground. 

Horse mostly prefers to eat eatables with sweet flavours than sour, spicy. 

If compared to man, a horse can see better at night than human. 

Like a human, the horse having pink skin are prone to sunburn, isn’t surprising. 

Horses are the only creatures which can rotate their ears by 180 degrees, yes it’s true. 

If the running speed, the maximum speed captured of the horse was 88 kph(55mph) 

Usually on an average horse can live up to 30 years but with the advancement in health care facilities, the horse can live up to 40 years as well. 


CAT Wearing Specs-Pix-Pixabay
CAT Wearing Specs-Pix-Pixabay

CAT doesn’t know the taste of sugar as she’s like that only.

Do you what, cats can hear the voices of dolphins and rodents.

Oops, cats cannot see what’s lying below their noses, she may miss the food though, seem silly.

Oh really, the kitten can start dreaming when they turn one week old, sweet dreams kitten.

Cats love to sleep, that’s why when they turn 9, they can surely remain awake for three years.

Isn’t, cats can make over eight dozen vocal sounds.

When cat vibrates its tails, then she is happy to see you.

Cats are not far-sighted, but their night vision is much more than human eyes.

You must have seen cats jumping high, but they can jump up to six times of their height, that’s it.

Oh really, cats have 230 bones, while you human has only 206, oh don’t be jealous you humans.

Cats are such mammals which make little noise while walking, that’s why they catch up prey quietly.

A female cat can turn pregnant when she’s 4 years old only.

Don’t stare in cat’s eyes, she may find it threatening, she may attack you.

Former US President Abraham Lincoln was mad cat lover, four cats said to have lived in White House with him.

Oh, cats you don’t have eyelashes as humans have but cats can see dreams as humans do.

If you want your good luck to follow you, then dream about a white cat.

If you are superstitious, then do mind when a black cat crosses your path.

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Adorable Dog-Pix-Pixabay
Adorable Dog-Pix-Pixabay

UNITED State is one of the countries in the world where pet dogs population have crossed 80 million.

Dogs may feel jealous when you pamper any other animal in front of them.

Pet dogs have a sense of time as they can remind you about their outing time.

US presidents were fond of dogs, half of them owned them when they were at the helm of affairs.

Dogs hate rains as rain’s sound may hurt their delicate ears.

Dogs are the only creature which can smell fingerprints and help in crime detentions.

Oh yes, Dogs are the man’s best friend, but men are cheating in friendship these days, it’s bad though.

Dogs eyes have a membrane called tapetum lucidum which help them to see even in the dark.

Dogs senses of smell are thousands of times more than human but female dogs are even better than male dogs.

There is a myth that dogs have colour blindness.

Dogs have 18 muscles to control their ears, three-time more than a human.

Dogs are intelligent as a two-year-old child.

A dog can run between 15-20 miles per hour.


Monkeys, Who Share Common Ancestors With Human Being-Pix-Pixabay
Monkeys, Who Share Common Ancestors With Human Being-Pix-Pixabay

MORE than 250 species of monkeys exist in the world.

Monkeys can live up to 15 to 45 years.

Pygmy Marmoset (up to 6 inches) was the smallest species of a monkey while Mandrill (3.3feet) was the largest one.

99 per cent of the monkey’s species are tree-dwelling, only baboons live on the ground.

Monkeys can run 55 kilometres per hour said to be the fastest.

Monkeys brain are a favourite dish among the people of China, Africa etc.

Like humans, monkeys can cheat their partners, as they can easily suppress the pain of mating so that their partner could not overhear their cries.

Yes, its true, monkeys can count like humans.

Monkeys have been given the job of waiters in one restaurant in Japan.

Like humans, monkeys floss their teeth.

Monkeys love to message each other to relieve stress.

It is said that humans have not evolved from monkeys rather both monkeys, and humans have common ancestors.

Monkeys can usually jump from 30 to 40, but once a langur(another species like monkeys) stuck on the transmission tower in Madhya Pardesh, he jumped from 65 feet and survived. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJTif-DImlc) Click on the link to see the video.


Girl With Elephant-Pix-Pixabay
Girl With Elephant-Pix-Pixabay

ELEPHANTS are considered the largest in size than any other mammals on the earth.

African male elephants are weighed around six tonnes, 3.2 meters tall while Asian ones, not more than five tonnes, 2.75 meters tall.

Do you when baby elephant born, he is said to be weighed on an average 100kg.

Elephants can live from 50 to 48 years depending upon their living conditions.

Elephants are the only creatures in the earth which can detect thunderstorm from 280 km, and even during the Tsunami, elephants are left for safer places.

Elephants have the sharpest memory, they hardly forget anything, they are social too have emotions, feelings.

Elephants communicate through chirps, squeaks, and trumpets, I am impressed, don’t you?

Elephants can swim, can run 25 miles per hour but they are the only mammals which cannot jump, thanks to their size.

If humans use various creams to prevent their skin, elephants use mud to save them from sunburn, moisture, and insect bites. Even their wrinkled skin saves moisture.

Do you know when the female elephant turns pregnant, her gestation period runs for almost two years, the longest one in the animal kingdom.

Despite powerful creatures, elephants fear from ants, bugs and bees, due to this farmer in various countries bordered their field with a beehive.

Elephants can recognize them in the mirror, the scientist did several studies on this and this fact turns true.

Elephants pulse rate is just 27 Beats Per Minute while a human has 80 Beats Per Minute.

Do you baby elephants can see at the time of birth because they born blind, but yes they can stand up immediately after taking birth.



BEARS are an omnivore, as they can eat both meat and vegetarian food.

Safety of family members are on the priority of bears, they don’t fear to risk their lives to save their family members.

Bears can run up to 40 mph even fastest than the Usain Bolt who runs up to 27 mph

Bears are said to be the most intelligent mammals on earth, they hardly fall prey to the hunters.

You may be surprised to know that a male polar bear can be 10 feet long, can weigh 1500 lbs.

Bear is the only mammal which has separate teeth for plant-eating, separate for meat-eating.

Bears especially polar bears are efficient swimmers, they can even swim underwater.

Commonly there are eight bear species namely Asiatic bear, black bear, brown bear, a giant bear, polar bear, sloth bear, spectacled bear, sun bear.

Like humans, bears walk flat-footed.

About 60 per cent of polar bears are in Canada.

Interestingly Moscow the governor had once trained a bear to serve vodka to his guests.

Bears can smell better than dogs.


People Riding On Camel The King of Desert-Pix-Pixabay
People Riding On Camel The King of Desert-Pix-Pixabay

CAMELS mainly roam in the desert, rather they are called the king of the desert.

Do you know, once the roasted camel was served in some Arabic marriage, and that was said to be the largest roasted food ever served in the world?

Camel milk has more vitamin C, iron than the cow milk. In Abu Dhabi, one can easily get camel shake. Camel’s milk hence called the world’s healthiest milk.

Baby camel is born without the hump, it grows with the time. They can live up to 40 years.

Camel can run from 25 to 40 mph.

Oh yes, its true, camel can live without water for over six weeks in summer, for over six months in winter.

Camel is the only mammal which can drink 32 gallons of water in on go.

Fat stored in the camel’s hump maintains the temperature of a camel in summer. The myth that camel stores water in hump is wrong.

Camel’s gestation the period is 14 months, and newborn camel can walk within half an hour of birth.

Camels have two species only, Dromedary which has single hump and Bactrian which has a double hump.

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HIPPOS stand second in terms of large mammal after Elephants, oh you Hippos.

When it comes to swimming, hippos although cannot swim but they can remain underwater for more than five minutes as they know the art of holding breath.

Hippos are semi-aquatic as they love to spend their time near water.

Male hippo can be weighed between 1500 to 3200 kg, while female hippos weight is between 700kg to 2400 kg.

Hippo is a social mammal who prefers to live in groups of over a dozen hippos.

Read the mind-boggling fact, hippos mate and gives birth in water.

Despite a big size, hippo only eats 1 to 2 per cent of their body weight. Isn’t shocking ?.

Hippo is said to be the loudest animal as his cry, noise and his rumbles were recorded at 115 decibels.

Hippos are considered deadliest among land mammals, they are fierce, don’t ever go close to them.



GIRAFFE is the surely the highest animal on the earth, the average height of giraffe is 4.5 m while the tallest giraffe on the earth was 5.9 m. 

Giraffe’s legs are measure about 6 feet long, longer than most of the human’s height. 

You will be amazed to know that despite having long neck giraffe’s neck has equal numbers of bones like a human’s neck. Even giraffe has 32 teeth as humans have. 

Giraffe is the only mammal who don’t need to drink water every day, as he satisfies his water needs from the plants and flowers he eats. 

Do you know on an average giraffe sleeps only for 30 minutes in intervals in 24 hours, and he mostly stays upright. 

You might not have noticed that giraffe walks with both legs moving like if left front leg moved then left rest leg will move parallel, and vice versa. 

Giraffe is not poor performer when it comes to run, he can run 35 mph in short distance. 

Giraffe has a 20-inch long tongue, which is of a dark bluish colour. Yes, the giraffe can clean his ears with his long tongue, well-done Giraffe. 

The gestation period of the female giraffe is about 15 months. Within a half-hour of birth, the baby giraffe can stand up and within 10 hours, he can even run like an adult giraffe. 

Although giraffe falls prey to lion and hyenas, it is observed that s single back leg kick of giraffe can even kill a lion. 

Giraffe’s life span is about 25 years in the wild. 

Giraffe is the only mammal who spend a maximum of his time in eating, about 75 pounds of leaves, flowers.  Giraffes also chew and lick the bones of other animals, but they are not predator, they never kill animals. 

Southern, northern, Masai and reticulated ate four species of giraffe. 

Yes, it’s true, due to long neck, the giraffe has to spread his front two legs to kneel down to drink water. 


Pony Playing-Pix Credit Pixbay
Pony Playing-Pix Credit Pixbay

LIKE horses, they are small horses, but do you know that smallest horse in the world was Fallabella, even small than a pony.

Pony has 200 breeds around the world.

Despite small in size, pony can pull the heavy carriage, which horse can’t.

Ponies are also social mammals, they walk in groups.

Ponies have a longer life than horses. Do you a pony name Teddy E Bear lived 55 years, the longest in the history.

Ponies have sharp memory even better than elephants.

Ponies have very sensitive digestion as they don’t have gall bladder due to which they love to eat grass.

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