Famous College Dropouts Yet Ultra Successful Entrepreneurs

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Famous College Dropouts Yet Ultra Successful Entrepreneurs

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DO you think there is some ‘mantra’ to become a successful entrepreneur or businessman? Do you believe study holds the key to become a super successful businessman?

No not at all.  There are several ultra successful persons who are famous school and college dropouts.

These persons have set a precedent of sorts in the world and challenged the notion that even without holding a college,  university degree, or even a basic school education, one’s dedication,  hard work,  consistency,  straightforward approach towards life and risk-taking ability, can make you achieve anything in life. 

The LoveYouFamily blog brings you a well-researched case study on super successful entrepreneurs and billionaires who left their studies midway and dropped out of college to  attain their business goals of sorts.

We cannot here say that these are uneducated billionaire, they are actually their own fortune builder. LYF will also put a explain who are these famous college dropouts and why are the most billionaires dropouts ?

Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Founder A College Drop Hit The Success Like Bulls Eye

MATT Mullenweg, the founder and CEO of WordPress had also left studies to pursue his dream. He became the successful college dropout entrepreneurs.

He set an exceptional precedent by launching a WordPress platform, which is benefitting millions of internet users, and bloggers and help them in earning their living.

It is learned that Mullenweg dropped out of the University of Houston in 2004. He then started working in CNET in San Francisco. 

He later found ‘Automatic’  the company behind WordPress. Mullenweg was just 20 years old when he started developing WordPress. 

You will be amazed to know that WordPress, the free and open source software, alone holds the load of around 30 per cent of the web, and daily around 15000 blogs are being added on this online platform, which is mind-blowing.

Mullenweg, who was already improving his coding skills, had initially started blogging on moveable type but he left the same in midway as it involves high cost. 

He then shifted to blogging tool,  an open source project b2/cafelog. The day he had his UK based friend Mike Little started dedicating time in improving b2, they came up with the platform that combines all options in one,  WordPress. 

WordPress platform journey of Mullenweg, who born on January 11, 1984,  gets rewarded when he was listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. 

Inspiring Quote By Matt Mullenweg

“Do What You Love,  Don’t Focus On Money,  Life Is Too Short”

Thomas Edison-Inventor Of The Century Was Expelled From School For ‘Mental Deficiencies’ 

HOMESCHOOLED by his mother after he was dropped from school, he became the inventor of the century.

During school days, one day Thomas Edison handed over a paper to his mother saying, “My teacher has given me this letter and told me to hand over this to the mother only”.

 Thomas was unaware of what actually was written in the letter.

Thomas’s mother broke into tears while reading the letter loudly, “Your son is genius, this school is too small for him, and it lacks good teachers to train this genius child. Please teach him yourself”.

 Thomas was although amazed to hear his praise by the teacher but he was totally unaware that his mother was reading something else.

 As years passed, his mother passed away.

One day Thomas got that letter while scanning the old things lying in the storeroom related to the family.

He read that letter, “Your son (Thomas) is addled (mentally sick), we won’t let him come to school any more. Better teach him yourself”.

Thomas, one of the greatest inventors of the century, felt shaken.

What his teachers could not teach him, it was his mother who taught him and he became the greatest inventor to reckon with.

It is said that Thomas Edison had cried for hours on that day.

He then wrote a diary named, “Thomas Alva Edison was an addled child that, by a hero mother, became the genius of the century”.

Thomas Edison has invented the light bulb, motion the picture camera, phonograph, and do you what?, what not he has more than 1000 patents in his name.

Whatever he became, it was the effort of his mother who taught him how to read and write. He showed the world that without going to school, one can shake the world with the blessings of the mother.

Motivational Quote By Thomas Edison

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

Albert Einstein, Man Of The Century, School Dropout Turned Successful Billionaire

ALBERT EINSTEIN, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist in 1921, was not a genius at all in school time. He set the example by becoming a successful school dropout billionaire.

His dedication made him ‘Man of the Century’, and this is what he was named by Time Magazine.

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist, best known for his Special and General Theory of Relativity and the concept of mass-energy equivalence. 

He is the one who was dropped out of high school when he was just 15. His parents were also worried that he has slow grasping power and learning skill and they were worried about the future of Einstein.

Spending one year without school, Einstein made a failed attempt in the entrance exam in Federal Institute of Technology.

He then made a successful attempt and got admission in high school, and even cleared university entrance exam.

He is the one who could have become the President of Israel, but he turned down the presidency, yet remained sympathetic towards Israel.

Walt Disney,  Oscar Winning Producer, A Cartoon Creator Teaches The Real Meaning of Success   

Walt Disney,  a name that earned accolades around the world for creating cartoon Character,  he is the one who received his high school degree at the age of 58.

This multimillionaire man becomes the owner of a Walt Disney company. 

Do you know that he had dropped out of high school at the age of 16 as he wanted to join the Army but his age did not let him fulfil his dream?

Later he is said to have joined the Red Cross with a forged certificate. 

It was only when Disney went to France where he used to drive ambulance covered with cartoon characters,  and those characters turned out to be his film characters. 

Disney had shaken the world as he became a pioneer in the American animation industry. 

He created the cartoon character ‘Mickey Mouse’. He is also the founder of theme parks ‘Disneyland and Walt Disney World’. 

Interestingly from 1928 (the birth of Mickey Mouse) until 1947, Disney himself did the voice of Mickey. 

Motivational Quote By Albert Einstein

“A Ship Is Always Safe At The, But That Is Not What It Is Built For”

Dhirubhai Ambani, a 10th Pass Business Tycoon A Role Model For Everyone

DHIRUBHAI AMBANI Ambani was just 10 standard pass, however, the name he earned in business, even a highly educated person may not earn. He is one of the successful school dropout billionaire

Hails from Gujrat he was a son of a village school teacher. 

His father, Hirachand Govardhandas Ambani and mother, Jamunaben Hirachand Ambani, were an average family,  rather a hand to mouth poor family.

Dhirubhai had his four siblings – Trilochanaben, Ramnikbhai, Jasuben and Natubhai. 

Since his parents cannot afford to make him study after the tenth standard, he started working in Besse & co from where he gained business tricks and learnt the business strategies. 

Dhirubhai had initially started a yard trading business in just 500 sq ft office. 

With just a dream of being a ‘somebody’ in this world, this business tycoons started out with nothing but landed on top.

Reliance Textile industry which he founded in 1966 had 85000 employees in 2012 which begged the tenth position in top fortune 500 companies by revenues in the world. 

After he died in 2002 he left behind the multi-billion business of Reliance Industries for his sons Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani. 

Motivational Quote By Dhirubhai

“If You Don’t Build Your Dreams,  Someone Else Will Hire You To Help Them Build Theirs”

Mark Zuckerberg, An Inspiration For Youth, Successful Billionaire Who Shook The World

MARK ZUCKERBERG, a founder of Facebook had also left Harvard University to work on his startup  Mark set the precedence by becoming the successful college dropout.

He is the one who became the youngest billionaire in the world. 

During college time at Harvard, Zuckerberg had created a site which allows a user to create their own profile, upload photos,  videos and even allows to chat among the friends. 

Do you know what, he created this site in his dorm room at Harvard by sparing time from the study? 

It is said that after his sophomore year,  Zuckerberg decided to get full time on his social networking site FACEBOOK and he left Harvard. 

In 2004, Facebook had 2004 million users. As per the recent update, there were around round  2.32 billion monthly active users (MAU) as on December 31, 2018.

Facebook is not only earning money for itself but it is one such platform which is helping many around the world to earn a livelihood by way of the business platform.

It has become the only online platform from where businessmen are generating business leads. 

Inspring Quote By Mark Zuckerberg

“It takes courage to choose hope over fear.”

Ray Kroc, Takes McDonald’s A Food Chain To Top Level 

RAY KROC, not a founder of McDonald’s, yet he is credited for making it the world’s largest food chain.

YOU must have gone to McDonald’s to have fast food and you might have the misconception that Ray Kroc founded this food chain. This school dropout became the successful billionaire.

He was a school drop out at the age of 15, but what he earned a fortune of 500 million from the McDonald’s.

Kroc is the one who was included in the 100 most successful businessmen in the 20th century.

Do you what, when he dropped out of school, he turned a milkshake man.

Brothers Dick and Mac were his real inspiration who actually owned McDonald’s then.

When Kroc asked the brothers for the franchises of McDonald’s, he turned dumb for sometimes when he was asked by the brothers to pay $2.7 million.

Video Credit “This Morning”

Though Kroc was not considering their offer feasible, yet he paid the amount. After taking one franchise, he took over most of the stores of McDonald’s, eventually thrown the real brothers owners of McDonald’s out of the business.

Then his fortune did not stop, and he became the richest food chain owner in the world.

It is learnt that Kroc was a daydreamer, due to which the parents had also nicknamed him as “Danny Dreamer”.

You should always remember that success is not something that will come to you whenever you desire it. It comes slowly, sometimes it took years.

Kroc had bought out the McDonald’s brother for $2.5 million in 1961, when he was 59 at the time of his death in 1984, he was worth over $500 million. 

Motivational Quote By Ray Kroc

“If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours’

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Left College To Make His Own Fortune

STEVE JOBS is among the who’s who in the mobile industry. He is the co-founder of Apple. Steve is among the successful college dropout billionaire.

After he did graduate high school, he joined Reed College, but the poor financial condition did not allow him to continue to study.

Hence he had to drop out of college after studying one semester.

Steve, who had a great love for technology and new innovations, actually made his own fortune without even having a college graduate degree.

Steve along with his friend Wozniak, started Apple Inc. Now Steve’s net worth is more than $ 8.3 billion.

Inspiring Quote By Steve Jobs

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”

Sheldon Gary Adelson, An Inspiration For Every Entrepreneur

SHELDON Gary Adelson a name to reckon with, he is the one who made his name in the casino and resort company.

Adelson’s father was a taxi driver, due to which he had to drop out from City College of New York. Initially, he started newspaper stand at the age of 12 by borrowing a few dollars. 

Adelson wanted to become a big entrepreneur, and he left studies in midway to attain his goal.

His efforts paid results as he founded Las Vagas Sands, and continued to taste the success later.

His net worth presently stands around $ 25.8 billion.

As per the recent report, his company had 50,500 employees in 2017.

Inspiring Quote By Sheldon Gary Adelson

“Create a vision. Identify it and go for it.”

Michael Dell, at 19 He Dropped Out His College To Become Successful Entreprenue

MICHAEL Dell, a famous name in the computer industry, is the one who left his studies at the age of 19 from the University of Texas in Austin and went to build his own fortune.  This college dropout successful billionaire shook the world.

Son of a stockbroker he had to convince his parents as the latter were not agreeing and wanted him to study further. Despite in college, he uses to upgrade computers from his dorm room whenever he gets spare 

He was so curious about the technology that when he got his first computer at the age of 15, he disassembled the same to see how it runs.

He was just 19 years old when he started his first company PCs Limited, which later became Dell Computers Corp in 1987.

Bringing surprise to every business tycoon, he had become the youngest CEO on the Fortune 500 list at the age of 27.

Now Dell’s present worth is almost $ 21.9 billion.

Inspiring Quote By Michael Dell

“Don’t Spend Too Much Trying To Choose The Perfect Opportunity That You Miss The Right Opportunity” 

Seen As Dumbest Person In School, Richard Branson Find His Own Fortune, Become Famous College Dropout Billionaire

SON of a barrister and flight attendant, British Entrepreneur Richard Branson, was seen as the dumbest person in school, and he used to face a lot of embarrassment.

Now this man owns Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and a large number of other companies.

Like another billionaire, Branson success stories shook the world.

He initially started in first business venture a magazine, ‘Student’,  a magazine by students for students. Then his fortune found the way, and he started many companies and tasted success.

You might be knowing that when Branson was just 24 years old when he bought his own 79-acre Caribbean island.

Branson is considered as an adventurous character as he sailed through the Atlantic in a hot air balloon journey.  He also set the fastest transatlantic sailing record in 1986

“Studies can often be returned to at any stage, but timing is more often than not crucial in business. Just think of all the successful entrepreneurs who attribute their success to being in the right place at the right time”

Motivation Quote By Richard Branson

“Studies can often be returned to at any stage, but timing is more often than not crucial in business. Just think of all the successful entrepreneurs who attribute their success to being in the right place at the right time”

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