This Sikh Man, Travels 36,500 KM, Crosses 30 Nations, From India To London By Road

This Sikh Man, Travels 36,500 KM, Crosses 30 Nations, From India To London By Road

Sikh Traveller Amarjeet Singh Meeting The Hollywood Heartthrob Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sikh Traveller Amarjeet Singh Meeting The Hollywood Heartthrob Arnold Schwarzenegger

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MEET this Sikh Man a 70-year-old Amarjeet Singh Chawla, who embarked on an amazing journey from India to London by road a mammoth distance of 36,500 kilometres through 30 countries in 131 days. 


Do you know, this man drives himself for the entire journey.


Singh a resident of Rani Bagh New Delhi, who owns a garment business, has become a man of inspiration around the world by doing this adventure that has taken everyone by surprise. 


His journey faced a lot of obstacles but he overcame every obstacle came on his way. He believes when God is with you nothing can stop from you reaching your destination.


“I was around 19 years old when I used to see foreigners coming to Amritsar on the car and then he had decided that he will also visit abroad by road on his own car. Yes, this dream come true though at the age of 70. I am at cloud nine”Singh reveals.


He shares one should take a risk in his/her life if you win you can lead but if you lose, you don’t have to worry, still, you can guide. 


At this age, this Sikh man’s courage to cover the whopping 36,500-kilometer distance in just 131 days has really made him a hero of Indians, especially Punjabis.  He started his journey on July 7 and reached London on December 18, 018.


While sharing his journey experience Amarjeet said,  “I am fond of travelling and adventures,  I along with my friend Dev Vema and Luqman Malik decided to take a round of the entire world via road. 


When our journey plan took final shape, I buck up my Toyota Fortuner and started my journey.  It was an awesome experience of a lifetime and I think I was lucky enough that God my Waheguru chose me for this journey and give me the courage to start the same’. 


“Desire does not change anything, the decision may change something, while determination and dedication may change everything”Amarjeet shares a lot of inspirational quotes on his Facebook wall and this was one of the posts.


Amarjeet shared that he started this journey from Bangla Sahib gurudwara from the capital of India, New Delhi. 


“We entered Nepal via road on our Toyota Fortuner,  then reached the base camp of Mount Everest. Then we entered Tibet and that road took us to China. After crossing western China, we entered Kyrgyzstan,  then reached Kazakhstan and finally entered Russia” The turban traveller shares. 


Singh said later from Russia, they entered Europe’s Estonia, from where we had to take a ship,  and journey of which lasted for 2.5 hours and we reached Finland. 


After covering the king size distance of Finland, they entered Sweden, then to Norway and Denmark. 


Aww, this was an awesome journey as he was moving forward, his dedication and motivation were keeping his aim high.


Now they entered Germany, went to Netherland and again to Germany. 


After crossing the long roads of Germany, they entered the Czech Republic, reached Poland, Sylvania,  Austria and then entered the most beautiful country in the world Switzerland. 


After spending quality time in Switzerland, they ventured toward Italy, Spain,  Portugal and France. 


“After meeting people of France, we entered Luxemburg and then Belgium and here comes our final destination London. To reach London, I crossed 30 countries by road.  After I reached South Hall London on December 16, 2018,  I first bow down before the Waheguru and my almighty at gurdwara South Hall,  with the blessing of Whom I managed to cover this much distance by road” says Amarjeet.


Amarjeet shares that when he reached Estonia, he had already covered 17000 kilometres but his health suddenly deteriorated as body parts felt numbness. He along with friends came back to India and after getting medical treatment, and fitness clean chit, he again went to Estonia and started his road journey.


“If God is with you, you can do and achieve anything in your life” Amarjeet holds. 


In this journey, he met ambassadors of 16 countries


While they were reaching the countries they also met ambassadress of 16 countries who offered them a warm welcome. They appreciated the venture to travel 30 counties by road and meeting people around the world to spread the message of love and affection. 


Met Hollywood Heartthrob Arnold Schwarzenegger


Meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger was like a dream. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. He signed on our car. He was shooting for terminator four where luckily we met him. 


Travel makes you into a storyteller


Ms Dace the cultural minister at Latvia was impressed by our road journey and happily gave us her signature on our car. We feel privileged to be a part of this journey where meeting such dignitaries adds value to our sojourn



A journey does not end here, rather begins here



This is not the end of his journey, in fact, it is the beginning of our journey. In the coming summer, his next mission is to roam North and South America in seven months, then to Newzealand and Australia.   


“By 2020, I am hopeful that I will cover the seven continents by road and then I can say ‘Mission Accomplished”.


After driving more than 37000 km from Delhi to London our car is shipped to an unknown destination from Felixstowe Port UK. This is the beginning of Turban Traveller’s new journey. 


“Life and Traveling never stops. It keeps on going until our last breath” Singh who also known as ‘The Turban Traveller’ signs off.



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