woman can beat men.photo by pexels...loveyoufamily.com

Amazing Study on Husbands-Wives, Read to Swirl Your Mind 

Women beat their husbands the most In this country

woman can beat men.photo by pexels...loveyoufamily.com
Wife beating husband

DO you know in which country husbands beat their wives the most, which country has the maximum domestic violence cases, who is more inclined toward sex in relationship, the country where wives live longer than their husbands, country where married women are into extra-marital affairs the most and in nutshell, LYF blog will enlighten you about the tonnes of amazing and eye opener studies on the husband wives, men women in relationship.

Now thrashing wives by husbands is the thing of the past. Now a days wives are ahead in thrashing husbands. Thanks to the wives fraternity for beating and thrashing their husbands in India which made India to score third rank in the world’s ranking, though from the negative side.

The United Nations study has showed up a startling results pertaining to the domestic violence of husbands at the hands of their wives.

Egypt has scored the first position when it comes to domestic violence on husbands by their wives, while United Kingdom has begged second position followed by India in the world’s ranking

Hey India it is not a matter of pride by scoring the third postion in terms of violence on husbands by their better halves.

Survey of UN has also clarified that wives even use shoes, belts, and some household items to beat their husbands.

While the East is not known for ‘abusive’ women, surprising statistics revealed by the UN indicate that Egyptian women are ‘world number one’ in abusing and beating their husbands.

Wives in India also use shoes, belts or other household items to bear their husbands.

Egypt is followed by the United Kingdom and India in the ranking. Interestingly 66 per cent wives who beat their husbands are ahead in seeking divorce in the family court.

Couple who drinks together carries a long lasting relationship

man and a woman drinking

AWW seems stupid ! Ofcourse not. A study by the University of Michigan finds out that couple who drinks together or they possess the same traits of drinking, carries a long lasting relationship. Studies also says such couple usually lives a successful married life.

Hey drunkards, don’t be happy by reading this. If drinking together is fruitful for couples to live a blissful, non-controversial married life, this study applies to those couples as well who don’t drink. A teatottler couple also lives a blissful and happy life.

If both husband and wives don’t drink they too live like a super duper happy married life. Study shows that if one person drinks between a couple the chances of conflicts remains too. Person who drink will never agrees to the opinion of a sober.

Study also mentions that when wife drinks and husband doesn’t then couples complains about unsatisfied relationship. So wives don’t start drinking if your husbands are alcoholic to attain happiness in married lives and vice-versa.

Instead couple should make an effort to shun drinking habits which too leads to the path of successfull married life.

PEW Study : 9 out of 10 Indian agrees wives must obey husbands

GOOD news for the male folk. A study by Pew Research Centre, titled ‘Gender role in Families and Society” made an effort to collect opinions how gender roles should be at home and society.

Interestingly the in this survey around 30000 Indians were approached to seek their opinion and almost nine in ten Indians(exactly 87 per cent) viewed that wives must obey husbands.

This study has also done an interesting study that when there is scarcity of jobs, men should be given priority over jobs than women. As many as 56 per cent have completely agreed while 23 per cent mostly agreed that men shoud more right over jobs than women, in a situation when there are less jobs available.

This PEW survey also mentions that on being asked about the last rites or burial rights of parents, who, sons or daughters, should be given the charge, as many as most 63 per cent (Most Indians)says sons shoud be given this responsibility.

However Most Muslims (74%), Jains (67%) and Hindus (63%) believe that sons be given the priority of funeral rites, while only 46 Buddhists, 44 per cent Christians and 29 per cent Sikhs favour sons.

Men jealous if their wives earn more than them

A study conducted by the Bath University reveals that if among the couple, wife earns more than the husband, then the husband feel stressed.

Interestingly study shows that if income of a wife is more than 40 per cent of the household income the husband’s strees touches the peak level.

Notably most husbands want to toe the traditional line of family culture and they although want to see women financially independent but they can’t see them(women) surpassing them when it comes to earn money.

82% women dare to refuse sex to husband: Government survey

Man and woman doing sex

A National Family Health Survey has done an interesting study which shows that 82 per cent Indian wives are dared to refuse sex to their husbands.

THE 82 per cent means more than four in a five women hold the rein when it comes to their sex lives. These much Indian women are courageous enough to say no if they don’t want to indulge in intercourse with their husbands.

This survey was conducted in two phases Phase-I from 17 June 2019 to January 30 2020 covering 17 states and 5 UTs, and Phase-II from January 2 2020 to 30 April 2021 catering to 11 states and 3 Union Territories.

Guys this survey also consists of another angle. Husbands were also asked if wives refuses to sex, will they get angry and punish their wives, will they go and have sex with another women, will they deprive their wives of financial means, or will they use force to have intercourse with wives.

Hey so 72 per cent categorically denied that they would never follow any of the four abovesaid condition if their wives refuse sex. Only 6 per cent says they will follow the abovesaid four behaviours, only 19 per cent show their consent and says husbands have the right to get angry and punish their women on being denied sex

This survey was conducted in two phases Phase-I from 17 June 2019 to January 30 2020 covering 17 states and 5 UTs, and Phase-II from  January 2 2020 to 30 April 2021 catering to 11 states and 3 Union Territories. 82 per cent means more than four in a five women hold the rein when it comes to their sex lives. These much Indian women are courageous enough to say no if they don’t want to indulge in intercourse with their husbands.

OMG women want more more & more sex than their husbands

Man and His Girl Friend hugging, Kissing
Man and Woman in relationship

Hey men folk you hear it right. Gone are the days when men’s desire and hunger for sex was at its peak, now a days women are more inclined toward sex than men.

A study conducted by Voucher Codes Pro shows that during survey on over 2400 Britons aged over 18, almost 60 per cent women say they have more desire of sex from their relationship while only 40 per cent men show desire of more sex.

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